Washington State University at Gonzaga University, fall scrimmage, Saturday, October 14, 2017. WSU led 2-0 after 9 innings; I left after the 11th with the score tied 4-4.
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Calvin LeBrun
Dustin Yates
Gunnar Schubert (SS)
Schubert and #9 (2B) IMG_3560.JPG
J.J. Hancock
#39 IMG_3582.JPG
Coach Machtolf
#45 IMG_3610.JPG
Daniel Fredrickson (RF)
Jace VanDeBrake
Schubert out at home
#21 Troy Johnston? (LF)
Patrick Chung
Gunnar Schubert (SS)
#9 (2B) IMG_3692.JPG
#37 IMG_3720.JPG
Ernie Yake (3B)
#16 (2B) IMG_3767.JPG
#24 IMG_3787.JPG
Wyatt Segle (runner), #5 (SS) IMG_3803.JPG
Anthony Felix (2B)
#5 IMG_3859.JPG
#33 and Isaac Barrera scored the tying runs in the 11th

I'm sorry if I got any names wrong! I couldn't find a fall roster for Gonzaga: if I missed any names or should add some, send me a message on Twitter @ixbyix and I'll update this page.